Satellite Startups: Tapping into the Global Talent Pool

Silicon Valley is a lot of things: saturated, expensive, a possible echo chamber, and a hit HBO Original comedy. But, it’s also the birthplace of Uber, WhatsApp, Slack, and Instagram. It’s home to 40% of all “unicorns” and 49% of all VC funding so far this year. Sramana Mitra, founder of 1M/1M, ably summarizes why entrepreneurs come to the Valley: access to funding, advisors, and early adopters being key reasons. But despite these benefits, building a company in the Valley is daunting. Competition for talent is cutthroat and the costs are exorbitant. Many founders now reasonably ask the question: should I start my company in the Bay Area or elsewhere? However, this either-or approach can be flawed. The best course..

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